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Thursday, March 21, 2013

To the hospital, off we go!

Its 10am, Shakir has load up the hospital bags in the car and Im suppose to be drying my hair getting ready to check into the hospital.
Its my due date tomorrow yet I feel so-fine no big sign of labor, just yet.

The baby is dancing happily inside as Im typing this.
To be honest,Im not sure if Im ready.
Its surreal I am finally giving birth to this little life that has been hijacking my uterus for the past 9 months and 5 days.
I think everyone who knows me knows very well how Im so into natural birth, and when the other day my gynae told me " If by 21st March,Thursday night you still dunt feel the pain, we're going to induce you, but after 2nd dose you still feel the same, we had to go for c-sect to avoid complication yah dearest..."
I just stood still there,looking at him without blinking.

Its not really how I want it to be.
But if its the plan that The Creator above has set to me, well, as long as the baby is fine, Im okay with that.

To be honest Im not that scared, I know I can face it both natural or c-sect birth; its just that I feel surreal.
I cant wait to see my little one, I am excited yet I still ask myself too many times;
 " Wow, this is really happening?"
" Im gonna be a mother?"
" Is she gonna like me?"
" How am I gonna nurse a baby when AI dunt even know how to hold a baby?"
" Who gonbbe bathing the baby?"

*Mixed feelings*

May Allah grant me His blessing to give me the strengh to go tru this.
I know I can do it.
Maybe I need a bar of chocolates to calm down.

Later then, probly updates about how I cried to hear her first cries!

Yours truly, the Clueless Mommy Boo

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