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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updates, plsss!

How far along? 35 Weeks
Total weight gain: 5 kg
Maternity clothes? Yes, yes!Loving them!
Stretch marks?  Not yet, so far! Thx to 3 bottles of Bio Oil and Tanamera Virgin Coconut oil!
Sleep: Great for this past few weeks, I used Tanamera Lavender Mist on my forehead before sleep and walla! Wake up feeling great each morning!:)) Rolling on the bed seems to be quite a struggle tho'! :)
Best moment this week: Baby's stuffs almost done, yayyyy! Well except for car sit and stroller as we both really dunt know how to choose them.We're trying to 'save budget' by finding ones that can be use from NB(new born) to 4-5 years old..
Miss Anything? My family back in JB, all time!
Baby Movement: All time when Im awake I guess?Hhahaha! I have one verryyy active lil' dancer in there!
Food cravings: Iced plain water like all time and jambu,jambu,jambu!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender prediction: Its a GIRL!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!
Labor Signs: Not yet..Pls hang in there a bit more longer until u're fully baked, my bebeh boo!
Belly Button in or out? Coming out abit!
Wedding rings on or off? In! All 3 yayyyyy!
Happy or Moody most of the time: So-so..
Looking forward to: Moving to our new home inshaaAllah next week. Its our own; no more renting plsss! Alhamdulillah..

 Spent our Sunday+Monday+Tuesday CNY holiday in Ipoh, recently.

 Last week at my Atuk's here in Seri Manjung.

Beautiful gifts from lovely blogger fren, Lynn. Im totally in love with the book, baby journal and the cute pink baju set!Thxxx soo much Lynn, u're just being too nice!


missHLiza said...

What? 5kg only? I gained like 25kgs!

Iezan Tajuddin Woods said...

alaaaa xnak la sampai 25kg kak! i dah la mmg demoksss nnt susah nak go for natural birth!hehehe..yah mmg ramai yg heran y i x naik..dah memang dah debab kalo nak naik lagi abeslah kan..hehehe

(or maybe i jaga makan sgt kot?but so far baby chat kak, last check up baby's head dah masuk dlm tulang pelviks sket n berat baby 2kg dah..before this baby sgt kecik..so anytime soon! :D)

Iezan Tajuddin Woods said...

but talking about weight kak liza..i dint really know how much I gained since pregnant..because the last time i timbang when I was already 10-12 weeks pregger.Before kawin lagi berat rasanya..but naik 5 kg only pun now dah 102kg tau!Imagine if I naik another 25kg!gulp!