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Monday, February 18, 2013

I think we did gud for 1st timer!

So we only started buying baby's stuffs when I almost at my 30th weeks. It was quite a drama at first, we have no idea what to buy, we do have this checklist my sister emailed me earlier but we still had no clue which is which..It was kinna funny when hubster and I gave up to buy anything in Aeon store during our first attempt, decided to make tht trip as 'window baby shopping' only and head up to Kenny Rogers for dinner, then went back really empty handed.Hmm..

So the 2nd trip was alot better, instead of Aeon, we went to this large baby's stuffs store called Manjaku here in Manjung. With my sister on the phone guiding us tru out the whole time there (more than 1 hour to our cashier check out time!) we managed to get some clothings (we dint buy tht much as during tht time we were not sure about the gender ) , a grey color hooded blanket, small milk bottle, napkins, some toiletries and some others.

We got quite lucky we got to inherit losta stuffs from my sister like some newborn baby clothings, breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, barut and bedung, nappy liners n some other essential post natal stuffs for me.

And hubster has been too sweet for buying my dream wooden baby cot, baby rocker and some toys for our Lil' Munchkin too! 

We also receive lotsa early gifts from loved ones (my too excited sister, mom in law and some frens ) once they found out about the gender like uber cute baby girls dresses, leggings, bibs, cap, socks, baby bath tub n some other adorable stuffs; I dunt think so we need any baby shower party!

I also managed to complete some essential stuffs for my post natal care like the Tanamera Post Natal set (thx for BFF Nadya for the recommendation, really love the VCO oil I'm using it riteaway its superbly gud for constipation!), Minyak Tapel, socks, corset and others.

Now we left with batu tungku, car sit, baby stroller, bedding set, bed for the wooden baby cot..I guess. I'm not really sure what Im missing until I have my sister and mom here for the inspection.

Well, that can be done slowly I guess, as whats more important now is for me to prepare myself physically and emotionly for the big day with sufficient knowledge, exercises , healthy meal for natural birth (doa kuat2!).

Our hospital bags is all set, InshaaAllah in 5 weeks time we're gonbe having this baby yayyyy!

Some of the early clothing gifts and laundry done!

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