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Friday, February 15, 2013

Anger management during pregnancy

It is not easy to deal with sad / anger emotions when u're pregnant.
Before we got married, I can simply lash out my anger to Shakir's face, say whatever I wanna say.
Even to other people..My sarcasm can kill, people often said.

And yes, whenever I'm angry it shows. Normally it'll drag to days..I'll be cursing away, doing anything I can to fight for my right until I got satisfied. Not just towards Shakir, but towards anybody. Most of the times Shakir will be my victim, I'll behave badly letting go my anger to him; he became like my complaint arena and he'll stay there no matter how  verbally or physically violence (I throw things) I'd be. Such a tough dude..

When u're married, you CANNOT show your anger to your husband's face. Its a biggg sin, we all know about that. So whenever Im angry to him or anyone else, I just keep quiet cursing inside. Or cry hard in the shower..Etc,etc...I can no longer raise my voice, throw tantrum or anything like how I used to do before.

And now when u're pregnant, its even worst.
Whenever u're angry, sad or something relate to that..You need to control the anger, take a deep breath, or lie down and pray hard to The Al-Mighty and istighfar.
You have to avoid doing the cursing,  insults and name-calling, we should also avoid yelling, screaming, and physical violence even when u're alone at tht time.Its just not gud for you and your baby's soul, my mom said. Baby tend to be like how we behave during pregnancy when  they grew up later, she adds.

So its totally not an easy peasy job for me at first. But slowly I do find peace once I restored my inner calm by connecting myself to The Creator. Have some happy thoughts and drink lots and lotsa water (since eating will normally make me feel worst), it helps!

So folks, how do you overcome your anger? Care to share?


missHLiza said...

Actually I don't remember being angry during my pregnancies (haha mungkin byk kena pamper dgn cik abang kot!) but just ingat Allah dan ingatkan anak dlm kandungan tu dik.. yr emotions akan influence dia nanti. Pheww.. not very long already , hang on there!

Aizan Suhaira said...

You still can let him know if you're upset with him (or with anyone else). But what you need to learn (and I myself am still learning how to improve on this) is how to tell him you're upset without being too harsh or overly aggressive.

I guess it's pretty obvious that keeping things inside with no outlet is a recipe for disaster. And what K Liza said is right. Your emotions affects your baby.