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Monday, December 3, 2012

There's hair everywhere, sarcastic pregnancy journalist report.

( That wideeee 24 weeks belly!)

There's hair EVERYWHERE!

Pregnancy can make your body do really weird things
I won’t even go into the darker nipples or the linea negra. Instead, we’ll discuss hair.
When you think of a pregnant woman, I bet you don’t think of someone covered in hair, do you? Well, you should!
We all know that pregnancy makes the hair on your head grow faster and less of it falls out. But, did you know that the hair on your legs stops growing as fast as it did?
That’s a good thing. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the energy to lean down and shave your legs every day. (Of course, once you have a newborn, you’ll probably go months without shaving, but that’s a different story altogether.)
Although I enjoyed having to shave my legs even less than I normally did, it seemed as if all the hair traveled from my legs up to my belly. Yes, my belly, the part of me that everyone wanted to touch. The part of me that jutted out much further than should be allowed.
Covered. In. Hair.
I’m not saying I looked like a wooly mammoth, but the amount of hair on my belly easily rivaled (or surpassed) the amount on my arms. Instead of the perfectly round, hairless bellies you see on TV or in ads, I had a big round, hairy lump with an off-center linea negra.
I’d like to believe I could have won some sort of sexy swimsuit competition with my belly, but I doubt that’d happen. That is, unless they have those sorts of things in really dark room!

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