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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why I hate that highschool SMKST and decline every alumni invites they send. Worst school I ever went to!

I only have less than 5 frens I still keeps in touch from one of the high school I used to attend, SMKST JB; same badge. Im not interested in joining my badge's alumni no matter how many times they contacted me for that.Never. SMKST was never really exist in my diary, my time there was all I can describe as 'cruel-mentally abused year'. How I remember they always asked sarcastically;

"Mak kau org Sabah eh?Kafir masuk Islam eh?Sunat x?Tau sembahyang x?"

"Kenapa x masuk Puteri Islam, kenapa join club org kafir, kau nak murtad eh?" (it was Scouts and Interact Club for God sake- and it dint mean I wanna convert tho I was the only Muslim there!)

" Ayah kau x ajar tutup aurat eh?" (when sleeveless was my fave top each time they bumped into me outside of the school)

 " Kau and adik kau memang x suka nak jadi melayu eh?" (English was the mother's tounge at home other than Bajau , so we got use to it)

Kejam sgt okayh it was so hurtful. Thats why I end up with not many same race- best frens there.
And until now I have to declined every FB fren request from those people.
C'mon..U were so mean to me during school time yet got a cheek to pm me " Hi kita dulu satu sekolah kawan satu class lah..Ingat x best fren?"
Blweekksss. U were the one who always pinjam my math exercise book to copy the homework then sabo me; lost it until I kena benda dare some more to say that now hah?Banyakkkk cantik!?

And how I remember this payers girl who always make fun at me about how my 'bukan melayu' mother dress me and my sister in slutty way and labelled us as 'ahli neraka' just because she was ' all covered' all time. Dengan kuasa Allah, my sister and I bumped into her and her family (husband and kids) last week in Jusco, she was wearing revealing clothes with thick make up and stuffs,  gob-smacked staring at my sister who is wearing hijab nicely. Hmm...At least we were teenagers when we dress up like that by our mom!

Sometimes I wish I cud turn back time and say no big time when daddy wanted to send me and my sis to that school.
But that if that were to happen; I wudnt have meet my two only angelic soul best fren from there until now; Raziyan and Azli..



Aizan Suhaira said...

Gosh that was mean. I know how it feels like being treated badly just because i am different, just because i refuse to conform. High school was great. All of us mix around with other races and treat each other with respect. It was when i went to that hellhole called UUM that I experience the kind of abuse you had.

And yeah, i too received friend requests from these bastards. Bila reject friend request ada hati request lagi sekali. Unbelievable kan?

AcikTanpaNama said...

same goes to me, i hate my high school.. I am a loner bacj then ..and still..I was a new student, from all girls school in june 1992. and the girls n boys in this co ed school..which I working there now.. harassed me emotionally.

Girls n boys sama je kat sekolah co ed, even girls kat sekolah co ed lebih teruk kadang2..argh...tak sanggup nak ingat pun ..all the hurtful memory. The only safe place for me is library..thats how i become loner, before that i am so okay and dont have problem walking in a crowd.

Sampai sekarang..i tak gemar ada kawan..because of all that hurtful memory.