Everyday is a fairy tales!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Freaky Friday?

Sleep at night getting much2 better with the lights off. :D
Shazy still wake up at some points; but as usual just to demand her milk-milk :D
Breast feed her, few moments later she dozed off back to her la-la- land.
*big relief*

We wake up quite late this morning- Shakir was already dress to work when I opened my eyes, all I remember he kissed my forehead and whispered " Have a gud day, I go to work first ya? Continue sleep; see you later petang".

I rushed down when this online seller text-ed me around 10am to informed she courier to me my goods ( I bought shoes for the baby) and they will reach me probably by today so I need to be alert of the postman.

Fed the baby her breakfast- bathed her, just to received a call from this curtain shop ( our family; from my grand parents, my uncles from daddy's side here in Perak has been loyal customer to this shop- been doing our curtains since forever) that our order is done and they'll be coming today at 12noon to send and install the new rods and curtains for the whole house.

Oh no. The house is in superrrr mess- from our bed room to down here so I was like running here and there to settle everything before they came! *patah riuk!*

Thank God the baby was sleeping all the way- so check out our new curtains :D
Simple basic eyelets but I lurrrve the velvety material for the night curtains! Weeeee! *chicken dance*

The in laws is coming tomorrow for the family dinner here at our house. This year gonbe the third year Im having my 1st Ramadhan break-fast with them.. I miss my own family- 1st Ramadhan break-fast too but, Mr. Hubster cant leave his job for another trip now- so... I just had to suck it up tho' its breaking my heart when mom called the other day and said " Again this year u guys cant make it..."
I miss home.

*change topic*

What Shazreen Hani had today?
Breakfast : Scrambles eggs, Enfalac+ Milk and some butter cookies.
Lunch : Soft rice, Chicken+Fish cakes+carrot soup, fruit salads.
Dinner : Chicken porridge.
Drinks for today : Warm water, Enfalac+ milk.
Snacks : Keropok ikan, pears, some fries.

love, see ya.
-Mommy boo.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our usual Thursday!

So we had our typical Thursday; hubster's outta town for work for the day; left me with the baby and Izah. Izah however dint go to work as shes having high fever.

Oh, guess what? We slept with the light's off last night and Ms. Baby Insomnia had no choice but to sleep instead of playing yayyyyyy!

She quite energetic during day time today- maybe due to the gud night sleep! Imma make sure we knock off early tonite and the room must be dark! *chicken dance*

Some updates for her meal today;

What Shazreen Hani had today?
Breakfast : Coco Crunch, Corn Flakes with Milo.
Lunch : Minced chicken Planta fried soft rice.
Dinner : A piece of fish cake, Oat & Cerelac Nestum,
Drinks for today : Warm water, Enfalac+ milk.
Snacks : Pear, Light chocolates ice cream.

Oh, one adorable incident happened at home today?
Check out this video!


Ok, Mr. Hubster's home! See ya tomorrow!

What a girl really wants

You used to pray for rich husband; who can afford to get u a lovely house with an island in the kitchen. :D
And some designers bags in the closet.

But when u got ONE; after sometimes you've come to realized ALL you need now is for him to be there.

Wealth is no longer matters when your heart is EMPTY.

All you need is for your man to hold your hands, look deep into your eyes and say "Everything's gonbe alright, Im here with you."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh Pandora, Im in love! :D
S for ' Shazreen' :')
I cant wait to get the exact same identical one for myself!

Laundry's done finally phewww!
We planned to go out for dinner but SIL Izah had quite high fever; so we just end up dapao some food and had them at home instead.

Ok chop,chop Imma get some sleep now while Ms. Insomnia's sleeping!

Till tomorrow! :D

What Shazreen Hani had today?
Breakfast : Enfalac+ Milk, with raisin bread.
Lunch : Potato omelette with a bit of ketchup.
Dinner : White rice with plain soup and fried egg.
Drinks for today : Warm water.
Snacks : Chipsmore biscuits, a couple slice of pear and honey dew.

Ting tong headed~!

My oh my.
Oh my super clingy baby boo Shazreen Hani!

So we had a crazy weekend, her sleeping schedule has gone totally hay wire too! Being to have a baby girl with sleeping at night issues; for sure her parents will do have some too!
Ive been walking awake during daytime like theres some big axe on my head ever since we came back from our weekend's trip. We dint sleep (me and Shazy) at all at night; and daddy had to wake up few times too when he overhead her cries (Im trying my best for him not to join us as he need to have a good rest; daddy's gotta work tomorrow!). Well she dint realy cranks up; but she wants company while she's playing at those wee hours and she'll cry whenever she saw I fell asleep. She lovesss it if I watch she plays with her Thomas the train, or her books. She even pass motioned during this time for this few days too! I tried everything to make her to go back to sleep- but all efforts of giving her some food, warm milk, hot cocoa, breast feed her, play up that Fisher Price's baby lullaby- all were hopeless. Her shiny eyes stays bright opened soo big and to my surprise; reading her bed time fairy tales stories keeps her even happily awake, accckkkk!

Lucky for her; she can sleep thru out the whole day time while mommy had to stick a pair of toothpicks in between her eyes to stay awake for the house chores, haishhh. Been procrastinating those 2 baskets of full dirty laundry tho', yikes! 
So at this very moment; I had some fine time to do this entry while the dirty laundriesss is nicely in the washing machine and Ms. Shazy is busy sitting at alone on her play mat with her toys- just wake up from her morning nap ( she stayed awake from 3am- 10am earlier) and just had lunch too.

Well I promised my self to update her meals everyday here for my own record and her growing up progress too; and too bad I've missed a few days. This is what I remember so far-

What Shazreen Hani had on SUNDAY, 22nd June?
Breakfast : Warm water, bit of nescafe+ Nasi lemak(rice only)+some cucumber
Lunch : She wake up at 3.30pm on our way back to Manjung - I fed her some Cerelac cereal in the car.
Dinner : Soft rice + Stir fry ginger chicken breast.
Drinks for today : Loads of plain warm water,breast milk, Enfalac+Milk, some Horlicks.
Snacks : Lobster crackers, cornflakes.

What Shazreen Hani had on MONDAY, 23rd June?
Breakfast : Only breast milk- she fell asleep at 6am after longgg hours staying awake-urging mommy to join her late night playing time.
Lunch : She wake up at 2.30pm - I made her soft rice with pan fry fish fillet covered in bread crumps.
Dinner : Cerelac Nestum with Oats.
Drinks for today : Plain warm water, Horlicks, Enfalac+ Milk.
Snacks : Honey dew, strawberry biscuits.

What Shazreen Hani had on TUESDAY, 24th June?
Breakfast : Coco crunch+ cornflakes cereal with hot chocolates.
Lunch : Soft rice and stir fry sweet & sour chicken breast.
Dinner : Cerelac fruit cereal+Oats.
Drinks for today : Plain warm water, Horlicks, Enfalac+ Milk.
Snacks : Pear, a piece of kuih.

This honeystar of mine is soo attached to her Moksu Izah, ( Opsss forgot to mention Hubster's youngest sister came to stay with us since early June as she just started her career here at where Shakir's working- Sapura Kencana Petroleum) she began to copy whatever Izah did! How cute!
She will try to stand by her own and try to move closer to Izah whenever Izah's holing her android phone (such a kaypoh baby!) and she even copied some cute noises Izah made to entertain her! And we realized she's so into hearing Al- Quran & Azan recite too its touching! :D

~I did some readings and research how to change her sleeping issues- some even said my baby might suffer insomnia erk! So Imma start to lessen her day nap slowly by the days; get some lavender oil for the room to create sleepy mood for her and even dim the lights at night! ( we slept with the light's on as she's scared of dark room).

Ok, Im not complaining but I really hope this drama will end soon as I heard somewhere infants with not enough sleep at night will lost their weight big time and its superrr not healthy for them. Ok, ok need to hang those laundry to dry now.

More updates (and photos) of my motherhood journey soon!


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~ domestic goddess hopeless mommy boo.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Blurry Friday!

Wake up with bigg rock on my head at 7am, had only half and hour sleep as Ms. Shazreen baby was playing the whole night since 2am.
I was like some sleepy security uncle sitting blurry beside her; all effort I've done to make her to go back to sleep but she remained fresh & awake all time!

So she wake up at 11am, thank God while she was sleeping I had some free time to finish up my cupcakes order for the day. Bath her, had her breakfast, play2 abit then she went back to sleep at around 1pm. Pheww! Finally mommy got time to cook for daddy! Made chicken curry and bread crumps chicken fillets for dinner.

We're heading  for Putrajaya tomorrow! Imma start packing now!

What Shazreen Hani had today?
Breakfast : Milo+Enfalac Milk + Cornflakes.
Lunch : She wake up at 5.30pm - I fed her some rice and chicken curry.
Dinner : Cerelac Nestum
Drinks for today : Loads of plain water & breast milk.
Snacks : Baked french fries, vegetarian popia.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello. mommy's back!

Wow. *kipas2 habuk*

Its been a while since Im here.
Busy + LAZY.
So Ms. Shazreen Hani is 15 months-to date.
Very smart, super clingy, very manja and loves fruits and vege.
Totally opposite to mami.

So I decide to blog again, to update her growing up process as I think tht baby journal is not that relevant, anymore.
I cant be jotting down her everything, everyday activity all in there.
So u'll be hearing alot from me here, InshaaAllah from today onwards :D

Quick update about my lil' muchkin, Nur Shazreen Hani;

Age :  15 months (DOB 23rd March 2013)
Hobby : Hot bath, watching cats outside the house
Fave toys : Thomas (& Friends) , Elmo, her baby books
Fave foods: Cereals, Fruits, Breads
Fave drinks : Horlicks
BF/Pacifier : Yes, still full breast feeding with additional Enfalac+ FM twice a day for her extra nutrition. Ditched pacifier soo long ago (since she was 10 months, I think?)
Baby wearing : Yes, only dadi do the Bobba. Mami only do stroller :D
Developments : Shes not crawling, but been trying to sit up by herself lately :D

See u tomorrow!
Love, mami-moo.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Why so judgmental?

People can be annoyingly funny most sometimes.
They see people making positive change in their life yet they still got a cheeck to give negative opinion.

" Kau dah pakai tudung ? "
" Yes. Perintah suami :D "
" So kau terpaksa la ni? "
" Kena la ikut perintah suami walaupun terpaksa, btw its a must kan.."
" Owh. Wow. Setianya. So kalau korang separate ko akan bukak tudung kan? Mesti nnt alasan ko dulu pakai tudung sebab belum datang seru kan?"
" Haish apa plak mcm tu? "
" So ko tak ikhlas la ni kan sebenarnya? "


# " Wahai wanita Islam, tutup lah aurat walaupun terpaksa. Tidak ada istilah 'datang seru' dalam hal menutup aurat "
- Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My world has changed, completely.

They rocked my world.
Husband, a new dream house and a baby.


Stories on how they changed me one compose mode, one by one I promise.
Have a nice day.

Mommy boo.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

To the hospital, off we go!

Its 10am, Shakir has load up the hospital bags in the car and Im suppose to be drying my hair getting ready to check into the hospital.
Its my due date tomorrow yet I feel so-fine no big sign of labor, just yet.

The baby is dancing happily inside as Im typing this.
To be honest,Im not sure if Im ready.
Its surreal I am finally giving birth to this little life that has been hijacking my uterus for the past 9 months and 5 days.
I think everyone who knows me knows very well how Im so into natural birth, and when the other day my gynae told me " If by 21st March,Thursday night you still dunt feel the pain, we're going to induce you, but after 2nd dose you still feel the same, we had to go for c-sect to avoid complication yah dearest..."
I just stood still there,looking at him without blinking.

Its not really how I want it to be.
But if its the plan that The Creator above has set to me, well, as long as the baby is fine, Im okay with that.

To be honest Im not that scared, I know I can face it both natural or c-sect birth; its just that I feel surreal.
I cant wait to see my little one, I am excited yet I still ask myself too many times;
 " Wow, this is really happening?"
" Im gonna be a mother?"
" Is she gonna like me?"
" How am I gonna nurse a baby when AI dunt even know how to hold a baby?"
" Who gonbbe bathing the baby?"

*Mixed feelings*

May Allah grant me His blessing to give me the strengh to go tru this.
I know I can do it.
Maybe I need a bar of chocolates to calm down.

Later then, probly updates about how I cried to hear her first cries!

Yours truly, the Clueless Mommy Boo