Everyday is a fairy tales!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Running away from drama, if only I cud.

Sometimes I just feels like wanna put on tht fave dress of mine (tht has been in it's box for too long already), walk in some stilettos carrying my LV tote, withdraw a couple of thousands or more from the savings out- walk tru the mall buying anything I want then sit down alone at Dome cafe drinking my fave coffee and read something new there so 2-3 hours.

I just wanna be alone.

I miss my half day retail therapy ALONE.

Arrgghhh its no longer funny when Im trying my best to just holding on sacrificing my feelings just to give loves to peoples yet what I get back is some bull shits; as in the real hard physically BULL SMELLY SHITS thing not just bad words.
It seems like the jokes on me but I dunt wanna laugh anymore.

Some people just not worth to be loved.

May The Creator Above give me strengths to face those beautiful, intelligent souls who obviously bapak selfish!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Why so judgmental?

People can be annoyingly funny most sometimes.
They see people making positive change in their life yet they still got a cheeck to give negative opinion.

" Kau dah pakai tudung ? "
" Yes. Perintah suami :D "
" So kau terpaksa la ni? "
" Kena la ikut perintah suami walaupun terpaksa, btw its a must kan.."
" Owh. Wow. Setianya. So kalau korang separate ko akan bukak tudung kan? Mesti nnt alasan ko dulu pakai tudung sebab belum datang seru kan?"
" Haish apa plak mcm tu? "
" So ko tak ikhlas la ni kan sebenarnya? "


# " Wahai wanita Islam, tutup lah aurat walaupun terpaksa. Tidak ada istilah 'datang seru' dalam hal menutup aurat "
- Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My world has changed, completely.

They rocked my world.
Husband, a new dream house and a baby.


Stories on how they changed me one compose mode, one by one I promise.
Have a nice day.

Mommy boo.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

To the hospital, off we go!

Its 10am, Shakir has load up the hospital bags in the car and Im suppose to be drying my hair getting ready to check into the hospital.
Its my due date tomorrow yet I feel so-fine no big sign of labor, just yet.

The baby is dancing happily inside as Im typing this.
To be honest,Im not sure if Im ready.
Its surreal I am finally giving birth to this little life that has been hijacking my uterus for the past 9 months and 5 days.
I think everyone who knows me knows very well how Im so into natural birth, and when the other day my gynae told me " If by 21st March,Thursday night you still dunt feel the pain, we're going to induce you, but after 2nd dose you still feel the same, we had to go for c-sect to avoid complication yah dearest..."
I just stood still there,looking at him without blinking.

Its not really how I want it to be.
But if its the plan that The Creator above has set to me, well, as long as the baby is fine, Im okay with that.

To be honest Im not that scared, I know I can face it both natural or c-sect birth; its just that I feel surreal.
I cant wait to see my little one, I am excited yet I still ask myself too many times;
 " Wow, this is really happening?"
" Im gonna be a mother?"
" Is she gonna like me?"
" How am I gonna nurse a baby when AI dunt even know how to hold a baby?"
" Who gonbbe bathing the baby?"

*Mixed feelings*

May Allah grant me His blessing to give me the strengh to go tru this.
I know I can do it.
Maybe I need a bar of chocolates to calm down.

Later then, probly updates about how I cried to hear her first cries!

Yours truly, the Clueless Mommy Boo

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kuasa Tuhan.

When doctor told me last night the baby's head is already inside my pelvics bone and is all set to see the world; Im stunned.
Fully baked.
They had to fasten my due date to next week instead of 22nd March to avoid complications due to my existing conditions.
Im not really sure if Im that ready, I cant deny Im chickening out, inside.

May The Al-Mighty sprinkles me strength to face the big day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

One confused Daddy.

Hubster : I am a very generous father. I knew it since forever..
Me        : Er?
Hubster : Ye lah, I bought banyak giler gifts for the baby already what.. 
Me        : Like?
Hubster : Ye lah all those baju, baby rocker, toys, baby cot..She's so lucky tau.
Me        : Thats your responsibilities lah! Dangggg!!
Hubster : Er. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Showered with gifts.

My Lil' one so lucky.
Been receiving gifts from mommy's loved ones, feeling so blessed!
Thx BFF, bunda Nadya Radzy..You've been too gud to us!
Super like esp the adorable Polo shirt!


Monday, February 18, 2013

I think we did gud for 1st timer!

So we only started buying baby's stuffs when I almost at my 30th weeks. It was quite a drama at first, we have no idea what to buy, we do have this checklist my sister emailed me earlier but we still had no clue which is which..It was kinna funny when hubster and I gave up to buy anything in Aeon store during our first attempt, decided to make tht trip as 'window baby shopping' only and head up to Kenny Rogers for dinner, then went back really empty handed.Hmm..

So the 2nd trip was alot better, instead of Aeon, we went to this large baby's stuffs store called Manjaku here in Manjung. With my sister on the phone guiding us tru out the whole time there (more than 1 hour to our cashier check out time!) we managed to get some clothings (we dint buy tht much as during tht time we were not sure about the gender ) , a grey color hooded blanket, small milk bottle, napkins, some toiletries and some others.

We got quite lucky we got to inherit losta stuffs from my sister like some newborn baby clothings, breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, barut and bedung, nappy liners n some other essential post natal stuffs for me.

And hubster has been too sweet for buying my dream wooden baby cot, baby rocker and some toys for our Lil' Munchkin too! 

We also receive lotsa early gifts from loved ones (my too excited sister, mom in law and some frens ) once they found out about the gender like uber cute baby girls dresses, leggings, bibs, cap, socks, baby bath tub n some other adorable stuffs; I dunt think so we need any baby shower party!

I also managed to complete some essential stuffs for my post natal care like the Tanamera Post Natal set (thx for BFF Nadya for the recommendation, really love the VCO oil I'm using it riteaway its superbly gud for constipation!), Minyak Tapel, socks, corset and others.

Now we left with batu tungku, car sit, baby stroller, bedding set, bed for the wooden baby cot..I guess. I'm not really sure what Im missing until I have my sister and mom here for the inspection.

Well, that can be done slowly I guess, as whats more important now is for me to prepare myself physically and emotionly for the big day with sufficient knowledge, exercises , healthy meal for natural birth (doa kuat2!).

Our hospital bags is all set, InshaaAllah in 5 weeks time we're gonbe having this baby pronto!

Some of the early clothing gifts and laundry done!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Anger management during pregnancy

It is not easy to deal with sad / anger emotions when u're pregnant.
Before we got married, I can simply lash out my anger to Shakir's face, say whatever I wanna say.
Even to other people..My sarcasm can kill, people often said.

And yes, whenever I'm angry it shows. Normally it'll drag to days..I'll be cursing away, doing anything I can to fight for my right until I got satisfied. Not just towards Shakir, but towards anybody. Most of the times Shakir will be my victim, I'll behave badly letting go my anger to him; he became like my complaint arena and he'll stay there no matter how  verbally or physically violence (I throw things) I'd be. Such a tough dude..

When u're married, you CANNOT show your anger to your husband's face. Its a biggg sin, we all know about that. So whenever Im angry to him or anyone else, I just keep quiet cursing inside. Or cry hard in the shower..Etc,etc...I can no longer raise my voice, throw tantrum or anything like how I used to do before.

And now when u're pregnant, its even worst.
Whenever u're angry, sad or something relate to that..You need to control the anger, take a deep breath, or lie down and pray hard to The Al-Mighty and istighfar.
You have to avoid doing the cursing,  insults and name-calling, we should also avoid yelling, screaming, and physical violence even when u're alone at tht time.Its just not gud for you and your baby's soul, my mom said. Baby tend to be like how we behave during pregnancy when  they grew up later, she adds.

So its totally not an easy peasy job for me at first. But slowly I do find peace once I restored my inner calm by connecting myself to The Creator. Have some happy thoughts and drink lots and lotsa water (since eating will normally make me feel worst), it helps!

So folks, how do you overcome your anger? Care to share?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updates, plsss!

How far along? 35 Weeks
Total weight gain: 5 kg
Maternity clothes? Yes, yes!Loving them!
Stretch marks?  Not yet, so far! Thx to 3 bottles of Bio Oil and Tanamera Virgin Coconut oil!
Sleep: Great for this past few weeks, I used Tanamera Lavender Mist on my forehead before sleep and walla! Wake up feeling great each morning!:)) Rolling on the bed seems to be quite a struggle tho'! :)
Best moment this week: Baby's stuffs almost done, yayyyy! Well except for car sit and stroller as we both really dunt know how to choose them.We're trying to 'save budget' by finding ones that can be use from NB(new born) to 4-5 years old..
Miss Anything? My family back in JB, all time!
Baby Movement: All time when Im awake I guess?Hhahaha! I have one verryyy active lil' dancer in there!
Food cravings: Iced plain water like all time and jambu,jambu,jambu!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender prediction: Its a GIRL!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!
Labor Signs: Not yet..Pls hang in there a bit more longer until u're fully baked, my bebeh boo!
Belly Button in or out? Coming out abit!
Wedding rings on or off? In! All 3 yayyyyy!
Happy or Moody most of the time: So-so..
Looking forward to: Moving to our new home inshaaAllah next week. Its our own; no more renting plsss! Alhamdulillah..

 Spent our Sunday+Monday+Tuesday CNY holiday in Ipoh, recently.

 Last week at my Atuk's here in Seri Manjung.

Beautiful gifts from lovely blogger fren, Lynn. Im totally in love with the book, baby journal and the cute pink baju set!Thxxx soo much Lynn, u're just being too nice!